Sunday, 9 November 2014

16 months old!

I think as Cleo gets older, time goes faster. Each month is flying by and she's becoming kinder, funnier, and more of a little personality. She really cracks me up. Her infection from last month settled down and she had a couple of other investigations as to why she got so sick. So far nothing has been found which is good because it means that hopefully it will have been a once off and she won't be tormented with a lifetime of UTIs! Rob and I also went to Berlin for 4 days without Cleo. This was a huge deal for all of us. I was so nervous about leaving her! Rob's mum came up to visit and look after Cleo and the little one didn't even bat an eyelid that we were gone. She's probably at quite a good age. She was so happy to see us when we did get back though, and that made me smile!

Height/weight: Cleo got weighed at a renal appointment last week and was 9.8kg. Although I've noticed her shape has changed as she's getting a little taller. I don't know what height she is but she definitely has a big head because we can't seem to get a hat to fit her size!

Size: She must have short arms because all her 12-18 month old clothes are still just too long in the arms. She's also still in 4+ nappies.

Milestones: Cleo's communication skills have taken a huge leap. She has a much larger bank of words. She's also getting more adventurous on her feet and will run around and climb on everything. She's also taken to helping around the house. She will tidy up her own books at the end of the day without being asked as this is what we've always done, she helps me hang up the washing and loves sweeping and putting the shopping away. If this continues I've hit a jackpot.

I'm so lucky to have a child who isn't fussy. In fact, the more exotic the food the better. These photos are from our fam date to Hanoi Bike Shop. Cleo ate everything and more. This photo is of her food baby.

Yes, I dressed my baby up as Chuckie for Halloween. She's just so cute!

What a dribbly mess! She had so much fun at the park last Sunday. Leaves, dogs, ducks, and a playground is her perfect day.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

15 months old!

I write this post in a tired haze after Cleo was taken in to hospital by ambulance last night. She had some breathing issues and rigors as well as a stinkingly high temperature. I have never been so worried in my life. Just weeks before I change to do my paediatrics job, I got a true insight into the fear that all parents are feeling.

She is ok. She has an infection (of unknown origin) and we're treating her with lots of cuddles, calpol and fluids. On a more amusing note, she did vomit entirely down my dress and jacket so I sat in A&E in a hospital gown. You know you love someone when you don't mind them vomiting down you.

Apart from that, this has been a lovely month. I love her little personality more and more every month and this is definitely my favourite age so far.

Height/Weight: She weighs 9.75kg and is 77cm. She's on both the 50th percentile for weight and height! The health visitor was out doing a check on her development this month so got some accurate measurements. I didn't expect her to be as tall as she is but she must just be a sloucher.

Size: 12-18 month clothing. She still fits in 9-12 month leggings and dresses but I just made the decision that if I didn't store them away then I probably never would. She's in size 4+ nappies.

Milestones: She knows the name of all her favourite toys and remembers where they are. She can also find her own shoes when I can't (probably because she's the one who has hidden them). She brings me her bag when she wants to go out and if you give her jacket to her she waits patiently at the door to go. She knows animal noises for cow, dog, sheep, duck and monkey. She 's developing preferences in music and books. Her favourite book this past little while has been Little Beaver and the Echo and she has been enjoying St. Vincent - Cruel on her favourite song playlist made by Rob. She's also jogging slightly if she gets excited and will twirl if you ask her to.

We were at a frozen party! She was Olaf and I was Anna. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

14 months old!

Better late than never. I can't pretend that I'm doing a good job at keeping on top of blogging but I will continue to do these monthly updates because I want something for Cleo to look back on! So here goes:

Height/weight: I have no idea! She certainly feels heavy but we've not had a chance to weigh her for ages. She'll have a doctor's appointment this month I think.

Routine: She still has mostly one nap a day except when we've any longish car journeys and then she'll sleep. It doesn't effect her nighttime sleeping though and she'll always just sleep from 8-7.

Size: She's still in between 9-12 months and 12-18 months. She's wearing a size 4 nappy but we've bought some 4+ for when these run out and her shoes are a mixture of 3 and 4.

Milestones: She has really came on so much this month. For a start she has really shown her personality. She is so kind and gives spontaneous cuddles. She's really picked up on her words and knows how to say a much bigger range of words. She's really good at following 2 step instructions like 'find a brush and bring it to mummy'. She's super confident with walking and is a total menace now that she has developed a liking for being chased.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

13 months old!

I have been slacking majorly on the blog front. I've been so fed up of staring at a computer all day that blogging in the evenings is the last thing I fancy doing. I'm going to make an effort to get better now that my jobs have changed and will hopefully have less aimless computer staring and more actual patient contact!

Height/weight: I have no idea. I'd guess maybe 9kg but I'm not sure. She should have an official doctors check soon. All I know is that compared to other kids at nursery her age she's tiny.

Routine: This has pretty much not changed at all. She's down to one long nap and has dropped all her feeds from me really easily. She now just has cow's milk at some point during the day. Usually at nursery with her afternoon snack but sometimes in the evening too. She sleeps all night from 8-7. She's a goodun.

Size: Although I'm putting her in some 12-18 months clothing because it's so cute and new, she's still more on the 9-12 month side of it. Some of the tops are getting a bit short for her belly though. She's still size 4 nappies, although we did almost buy 4+ but decided not to.


  • Walking. I obviously said she took her first few steps last month but she's really came along this month. She now walks wherever she wants and is a lot more confident. She does still wobble and fall down and hasn't mastered standing back up yet. 
  • Climbing. All of the climbing. She climbs onto the couch, onto the boxes, onto anything that will make a platform. It's nerve racking.
  • Reading her books. She now goes into her room and picks out her own books and reads them. Her favourite is Dear Zoo. She really loves animals. 
  • She's better at expressing what she wants. She points to things if she wants them, or directions she wants to go.
  • Communication in general. Her words are amazing. She said her first proper word that wasn't hiya or mamma/dadda. She said Dog! Whilst pointing at a dog. She now points to all the dogs and shouts dog. She can also say duck! She likes 'D' sounds. She said bread yesterday too when she wanted some chipati. She also says 'Ada' which means either take this from me, or give it to me. It's so exciting to hear her learning new words. She also can point to her nose and eyes if she's in the right mood. 
And some photos of the little one from this month:

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

1 Year Old!!!

Happy Birthday to my incredibly wonderful little baby toddler. Oh my days, how has this happened? How on earth has it been a year old ready? It has, without a doubt, been the best year of my life. She has filled every day with happiness. She is such a good natured, loving little girl. Rob and I are so lucky!

So here's where we're at on this lovely lady's birthday

Height/Weight: Cleo's lost a little bit of weight this month. I think that's because she's much more active and only has a small milk feed at night. She weighs 8.6kg (19 pounds). It puts her just under 50th percentile so I'm not too worried. She eats a ridiculous amount. I don't know about her height this month, she would not let me check it ha!

Routine: Cleo is now down to one nap a day (most days). A good day will be a long nap in the afternoon from about 12-2. She sometimes has a wee catnap again at 5 before dinner if she's grumpy but most days she doesn't want to - she thinks life is too fun for sleep. She's kind of went off her bath recently but we're still keeping her bedtime routine the same: dinner, bath, feed, story, bed. It works well for her even if she does get all angsty in the bath.

Size: She's still 9-12 month clothing and size 4 nappies but we've got lots of gorgeous 12-18 month clothing that I'm desperate for her to wear because it's sooo cute! She's also a size 2 and a half F in shoe which is annoying because they don't do hard soles for smaller than a 3!

Milestones: This has been a crazy month for learning for Cleo! She's so smart sometimes!

  • Walking! She took her first wobbly steps in the middle of the month. She can walk around 4 steps before she falls/sits down. She's like a drunk old man! 
  • Stacking blocks. She can put 3 on top of each other. I'm so proud of her for this because according to my paeds book the average age of that is 18 months.
  • Putting shapes into the right shape on her shape sorter (I said shape a lot there...)
  • Getting off the couch/bed safely. She no longer tries to be a lemming.
  • Eating from a plate with her spoon successfully. This does not mean there is no mess on the floor though because she still likes to throw it away once she's full. 
  • Her words are coming along well too! Although I can't quite work out what she's saying except 'Bap' means bath I think. We have lots of Mamas, Dadas and Hiyas. She likes the sound of saying 'Vah' too and will go 'vahvahvah' for ages haha!
  • Not really a milestone but it's adorable so I thought I'd share - she started copying Rob doing a 'red indian' hand to mouth thing. What is that even called? She will go woooooo whilst doing it. 
12 months post partum: I haven't updated a post partum me for a while so I thought I'd round it off here. Since Christmas I hadn't had any post natal anxiety and I thought I was in the clear. However, last month I had another episode. It last 4 days which is shorter than before and I've had none since. I had stopped taking anti-anxieties back before I went to Malta but that repeat episode scared me so much that I started again. I know it won't be long term but I think I need to just not stress about it and just accept that unfortunately that's the way it is just now. It's just a teeny tiny dose and probably just more placebo than anything but it helps me put the fear to the back of my head and get on with things. It was also when I reduced my feeds to once a day and started to get cramping. I've yet to have a period (TMI anyone?) but I think it was hormonal. The obstetrician said I was super sensitive to hormones which is why I was so sick at the start so maybe I'm going to be stuck with a monthly mood swing. I hope not, but at least I can kind of mentally plan for that. 
As for everything else, My weight is currently 60kg (9 stone 6) and I wear a size 10/12 clothes. I've been slacking slightly with the pilates but have noticed such a difference when I have been doing it!
I officially have a tear in my hip joint from pregnancy and might need an operation to fix it. I'm putting it off though because who can afford to take 6-8 weeks off work? 
I'm still working full time on Orthopaedics but move on to vascular surgery soon. Ugh. 

And that's about it... So here's some photos of Cleo last month! I was not very good at using my camera unfortunately, but got a few nice snaps!

This wasn't even set up. Adorable. 

Who doesn't love a drool-covered baby?

This little monkey has been her favourite toy ever. Babies are so funny.

I love her so much it hurts. She is just so beautiful and funny. Can someone say biased? Ha!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Best Coffee Shops in Glasgow

So Rob and I have been in Glasgow for a year now. We've done our fair share of eating/drinking/sightseeing so I thought I'd start this little series of Top 5s. People always under estimate Glasgow as a city. They think that it's full of 'neds' and sectarianism and rain (ok well it does rain a lot). But it has a lot of hidden gems that I'd like for the world to see.

One of our favourite things to do is drink coffee. It is my drug of choice. Literally, nothing beats a Saturday morning in a really good coffee shop with good quality coffee and a cake (obviously). So I thought I'd start there. I would say Rob is fussier than I am with coffee. But I think I'm more knowledgeable (he would probably disagree but 6 years of working as a Barista in 3 different coffee chains will teach you a thing or two about a decent roast). So this list has a combination of our influence.

5. Artisan Roast 15-17 Gibson Street
If this was a 'Best Brioche in Glasgow' list, Artisan Roast would win hands down. They would also maybe win the 'best sourdough pizza' list, but I think Rob would be offended (his is pretty good). I have had a mocha each time I've been here so I can't personally comment on the quality of coffee because my coffee was just chocolatey goodness (although their mochas get my thumbs up) but Rob was impressed. They also have some really cool decor and the whole place has a really old wooden medieval feel to it. Plus there are board games and I like board games.

4. Riverhill Coffee Gordon Street
Unfortunately for Glasgow city centre, there are not many coffee shops that aren't a Starbucks or a Costa so finding somewhere good can be tricky. But you don't need to look any further because Riverhill is the best in the whole of city centre. It's a traditional espresso bar so more for take-out than sit in, although there are seats but these are limited. But it's perfect for a busy day shopping with a much needed caffeine fix. I think it would be higher on my list if there was more seating because the coffee is so good. And the cakes - oh my days Rob, Carla and I shared a brownie and still had a full brownie portion each. So so good.

3. Kember & Jones 134 Byres Road
K&J do lots of things well: Bread, cakes, coffee and macaroons. And breakfast. Boy do they do a good breakfast. This is my 'end of nightshifts' breakfast number 1. Waffles with blueberries and strawberries and all of the good things in life with a yummy Americano and all the stress of the nights melt away. They're bread baskets with home made dips are so good (fig and fennel bread - yes please), and they're macaroons are Lauduree standards. This place is a joy to go to.

2. Tchai-ovna 42 Otago Lane
Although technically a tea shop, it does sell coffee and it would be a terrible disservice to everyone reading if I did not include this adorable little place. Situated in between Hillhead and Great Western Road and tucked down a little lane, this is the place to go if you want to chill out. It has a really cool atmosphere with an outside seating area for warmer days and inside is cosy and comfy and smells INCREDIBLE. Their tea-pots are bottomless and the food is entirely home-made and lovely. We're taking Rob's sister here on Sunday and I'm already dreaming of how warm and happy my belly will be.

1. McCune Smith 3-5 Duke Street, 
This coffee shop is my idea of perfect. The coffee is top knotch - flat whites have the perfect creamy milk with lovely latte art and espressos are never burnt. The food is incredible and all the sandwiches are named after the Scottish Enlightenment so you feel like you're learning as you eat. And it's named after a Doctor - so that's cool.
It's technically in the East End of Glasgow, though just a 5 minute walk down from Buchanan Street. I cannot rave about this place enough. They are also very baby friendly and always give Cleo something nice as a treat.
If I have friends visiting, this is where I take them. And you should go too.

This list was so hard to cut down to just 5. There are so many good places and so many I've still to go to. I am more than happy for recommendations! Please send them my way.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What I Wore Wednesday #12

This outfit is super simple. I love that skirt and it's actually my sister's which I borrowed. I'm not actually sure where it's from but I think it's Warehouse last year? My top is a simple camisole from Next and my necklace is gifted. Shoes are Topshop, as is my little bag.