Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Surviving the Nightshift: Hair, Make-up and clothes

There is nothing worse than being told at the end of a nightshift that you look exhausted. I mean, of course you are, but it's not nice. And I take personal pleasure when people say 'are you just starting?' when you've suffered the most horrendous, busy night. I love looking fresh faced. There are a few bits and bobs I've learnt along the way with hair and make up which help reduce the risk of looking like a zombie.

Hair: I treat nights like a festival. As in, probably won't wash my hair. It's not too disgusting as I normally wash my hair every 3 days anyway. But I tend to have a rule of thumb: day 1 hair is down [although usually ends up in a top knot by the end of the shift], day 2 the front of my hair tends to be a bit unruly so a little dutch plait usually sorts that out, day 3 is messy bun time with dry shampoo, day 4 is occasionally washing time but if not, dry shampoo and a messy plait/bun combo. It works and as sleep is precious, I don't want to waste an extra hour washing, drying and styling my hair. Plus, hair up is the perfect place to store pens!

Make-up: My normal make up routine is a bit different from my nightshift one. At nights I concentrate on light coverage and bright eyes. I avoid eyeliner as I tend to rub my eyes when I'm sleepy, plus nothing says tired like half rubbed off eyeliner which is migrating down your face. I go for a light moisturing primer such as boujois happy light primer, light coverage foundation such as l'oreal true match foundation, rimmel stay matte setting powder, a dusting of bronzer which I'm currently loving my Bobbi Brown Antigua bronzer, and a flick of mascara. By day 2 I usually have dark circles so yves saint lauren's touche eclait or something similar is perfect. Opt for a pink based concealer as it neutralizes dark circles. Save yellow concealers for red angry blotches. And when things get tough, I whip out my white eyeliner. I pop this on my waterline as it really opens up tired eyes.

Clothes: This doesn't really apply to me as I wear scrubs on nightshift. But I always opt for comfy trainers and my to and from work clothes are loose jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy. If you don't have a uniform, keep it simple and comfortable. Junior doctors to be - grab yourself some scrubs. Most night teams don't have a scrub supply and docs usually bring their own to change into. Taking scrubs from hospitals to use as pyjamas/for parties etc is obviously frowned upon, but if you're using them for work purposes then most people are ok with it.

And just for fun - a before and after picture from last night's nightshift. I was exhausted and didn't have much sleep pre-first nightshift despite all my preaching from last night's post!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Surviving The Nightshift - The Before

It was pointed out to me that there wasn't much work/mediciney stuff on the blog recently. So I'm going to make an effort to do a bit more.

So I'm embarking on my nightshift here in West Glasgow. As FY1s we do either runs of 3 nights, or 4 nights. I have the joys of being on 4 nights [then next week another lot, woohoo...]

So whilst I'm being a nightowl, I thought I'd schedule some work posts about nightshift, and how I get through them. It will be a 4 part: before, during part 1, during part 2, and after. Dealing with little bits I think are important when you have to work the hard day's night.

So before...

Sleep: It's all about trying to prep your body for the change. This is particularly hard if you've done days and go straight on to nights the next eve. It can really mess with you body clock. So what I like to do is stay up as late as possible the night before [in reality I struggle with this because I end up exhausted]. I still want to relax so I get cosy with my ipad and netflix [and headphones, Rob still has to work...] and I catch up on lots of TV. This is great because I often get sucked in and want to keep watching episode after episode. I aim to stay up until half 3. Then I get up as normal the next day. This is killer. 6.30/7am rise for the little one. I then go about my morning as normal. Then at 1 or 2 I go for the ultimate nap. I've just came off medicine and nights there started at 9 so I'd sleep til 6.30. On surgery we start at 8, so I sleep til 6. You still feel pretty grubby the first night but it helps you power through.

The rest: There is no denying that your whole body takes a toll on nightshift. You eat bad, sleep bad, and especially in hospital environments, you end up super dehydrated. So before a nightshift I like to have a good long shower. I put on a moisturising mask on both my face and hair during my pre-nightshift nap, and then take my time in the shower to make sure I'm fully relaxed and my face and hair is ready with its defences to fight the central heated land of hospital. I then take my time getting to work the first day, leaving just a little bit earlier than normal [because I'm chronically late...] so that I arrive fresh-faced and ready to go.

So tune in tomorrow for during part 1, and feel sorry for us little nightowls who miss putting their little ones to bed.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I Heart Science

Rob's little brother was up visiting last weekend and we had quite a nice weekend, despite me having to work. On Saturday, it was such a beautiful day so we headed to the botanic gardens where Cleo was obsessed with the palm leaves. 
On Sunday, we headed to the Glasgow Science Centre. I haven't been here since I was really little but I have always been a bit of a science lover and remembered thinking it was the best place ever. Well, it was. I loved it! Especially the new exhibition of 'Body Works'. It made some really fun interactive games to do with medicine and the human body. It really put the fun back into what I love. I'd been forgetting how good it was for a while. 
Cleo loved it. There are so many child friendly experiments and games. And there's a soft play for babies and an area for under 7s.

For anyone with kids, or anyone who likes fun science, the science centre is the place to go! And they even do a passport deal which is basically £24 for a whole year's worth of entry. That pays for itself in 2 and a bit visits. Definitely worth it if you're an adult with lots of family looking for days out with their 'fun auntie'. Or if you just like going yourself. I can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

9 months old!

I don't know what it is about 9 months but it seems like such a huge milestone! I feel like she's grown so much in the past 3 months and they've went so quickly that the idea that in 3 months time she'll be one is crazy! I sometimes get pangs of sadness when I realise she's not my tiny baby any more but is becoming her own little personality and growing up so fast, but then every month that goes by she gets more fun. She's hilarious, and knows it. Every day she cracks me up and I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl. Now, enough with the gushing!

Height/weight: Until Cleo is able to stand up straight, or measured at the docs I don't reckon we'll get a height on her. Her weight however was sitting at 8.17kg which is down from last month so I don't know how accurate that was. Still right where she's meant to be!

Routine: Routine hasn't changed too much. She gets up at 6, milk feed, breakfast which is usually porridge (which she loves!) then gets ready and Rob takes her to nursery for 8. She usually has a nap about 11ish til lunchtime. Lunch at nursery is a cooked meal, usually like chilli or spag bol. She then has a play about, which has been in the nursery garden recently as it gets sunnier. Then at 3 she has another milk feed and a little snack. Rob then picks her up at around 4.30 and she goes home and has another nap. Dinner is then about 7 and we all eat as a family. After that she has her bath, another milk feed and story time before bedtime at about 8.30. She sleeps all through the night and I know some babies only have one nap by this point she doesn't get 12 hours sleep because we're up so early and I get back from work late so this just works for us.

Size: She wears 6-9 month clothes with the odd 3-6 month dress/skirt/vest. Although we've been sneaking in some 9-12 month clothes because I love all her new stuff so much that I just want to put it all on her at once ha. She also still wears size 4 nappies.

Milestones: I can't believe how much she's learnt this month!! Every day seems to have something new in store.
  • Cruising. She pulls her self up and goes for a wander. At the beginning she was really unsteady and used to fall backwards so we had a fair few bumps to tend to. But now she's mastered it! She just holds on with one hand most of the time too! 
  • Sharing! She gives you her dummy, or food, or whatever she's playing with to share. It's so sweet. But she likes taking them back too. She wandered over and took another kids dummy out because she thought they were sharing. 
  • Saying thank you. Whenever you give her something she says 'Ta'. When she took that kids dummy I imagine she had a big grin on her face and said 'Ta' haha!
  • Playing peekaboo! She was lifting her top up and pulling it down and absolutely loving the reaction. 
  • Saying hiya and bye (although that sounds more like BAH which she shouts). Even her general noises tend to be more purposeful.
  • Using her cup by herself. She can now pick it up whenever she's thirsty and help herself for a drink.
  • Throwing things over the edges of stuff just so she can hide it then go get it. This game is adorable but sure gets old when you're the one picking whatever she's thrown back up.
  • TEETH! She got one tooth a couple of weeks ago on her bottom row and I just noticed another one on the top row this morning. They are so cute (but sore when she bites!!!(
I can't quite get over how much she's grown up. Here's some photos of the last month!

Those last 2 just get me every time!! You can see how blonde she's getting, which is really funny when you look through old photos of my black haired, tanned little munchkin!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Haul - Topshop, Primark and Boots

So I've been fairly naughty this last month and picked up a few things here and there. So despite my best efforts to avoid going shopping, I realise I've actually purchased more than I should have. Oops. So I've decided to show you guys!

First up is this gorgeous lilac nail varnish from Topshop in the Matte nails range in the shade Rendevous for £6. At first I was a bit unsure but I'm sold! It goes on with such a lovely finish, only needs 2 coats and no topcoat (because that would ruin the matte finish effect). It's my go to spring shade!

I also picked up this lip scrub from Lush for £5. I was going to get the peppermint one but the man at the desk recommended this one. At first I wasn't so keen. It is sweet at first with a salty after taste. But when I saw how yummy and chap-free my lips were, I kept going with it. Now I look forward to the taste!

I bought these two from Boots at the beginning of the month and they are my favourite purchases ever! Oh my days, I can't describe my love for them. I stumbled across the cleanser almost by accident. I had went a hunt for the thermal spring water because I had very angry red skin and someone recommended this, and I had been hunting for a balm cleanser for a while. I saw this 'gel cleanser' and thought I'd give it a whirl as it was part of the Boots 3 for 2. And honestly, from the moment I put it on my skin I felt like my life had changed. It smells incredible, make up slides off your face, and you're left feeling super refreshed. And the spray is ridiculously lush feeling. It's the perfect start and finish to a day. I will forever repurchase these!

I had never bought any of Topshop's make up before. Which is bizarre because I love Topshop and I love make up, why the two had never crossed paths is beyond me. I had a voucher for £10 which wasn't enough to buy clothes with so I decided to dive in and try some of the famous lip products. This is the lipstick in the shade Whimsical and it was £6. I've swatched it below! I love the formula of this. It's so creamy and moisturising and is a great lip for when you have to be all official and worky.

Another lip product I picked up is this lip bullet, also from Topshop, and also £6. It's in the shade Heartbeat. This is my all time favourite lip formula that I've come across. It's a super matte finish which I love, and is so moisturising. It also lasts all day! This shade is a gorgeous orangey-pink, almost coral. I picked it thinking it would be great for summer and it's my go-to weekend lip product. I want all the lip bullets and I wish there were more colours!

In natural light - top is whimsical, bottom is heartbeat.

Then I went clothes shopping. I had a little break down as I realised I pretty much have no clothes. Like actually. Since having Cleo I've dropped 2 dress sizes so when I say I have no clothes for summer, I literally don't have anything that fits. I've bought a couple of things, which I'm not sure how I feel about all of them so I may or may not keep them. 

Firstly, I went to Primark. I'm not very good at shopping at Primark as I get a bit stressed by the business and disorganisation. But I faced all that, and also wisely went here first to get some staple bits and bobs.

I got this midi skirt. It's not quite a circle skirt as it doesn't really have enough structure but I think that's what it was trying to get at it. I love the daisy print and is a perfect length for work if I want to wear bare legs. I think this was £10.


I also picked up this shift style dress from Primark. I was sold by the colour what can I say. Unfortunately I got this in a 12 and it drowned me. It was also £14 so a bit much for what it is but I'm going to try the 10 and see if I love it. I don't know. Feel free to let me know what you think.

I also got these basic crops for £2. I'm so glad I got these here because they are a dupe for the Topshop ones which are £6. I know £4 isn't much but it adds up!

I also picked up this necklace from Primark for £4. I love a necklace, I'm such a sucker for anything big and chunky. 

Next up I went to Topshop. I restrained myself to just two items (for now...) but oh my days I could have bought the entire shop. I literally love everything right now and it's been a long time since I felt like that. Why does that always happen when you have no pennies? Anyway! 

I got myself this cropped grey t-shirt for £10. It's a bit pricey for what it is but I looked for a cheaper alternative in Primark and they just weren't nearly as good quality. And I already see myself pairing this with everything. I love it. 

And finally these trousers!!! They are the reason I went to the shops. I saw them online and I've been literally dreaming about them. (No joke, I was wearing them in my dream last night) They are the most gorgeous silky like trousers, so perfect for summer. The ankles have elastic so you can wear them rolled up slightly too. And this pattern! I have so much love for it. Topshop also have a dress and top in it and I literally had to restrain myself from getting them all. At £38 it wasn't a bargain but I'm going to wear these forever and ever. I am even trying to convince myself that they are work appropriate...? Would you mind if your doctor wore these? 
(On a side note, a little old lady asked me why all the youngins were wearing their pyjamas outside these days as she thought I looked like I knew what was fashionable, and had she missed something. I can almost see her shaking her head in disgust now at me. But I looooveeee them. I'm away to put them on now!)

So that's all for now. I'd like to say I'm on a spending ban from now until July but like I said, I need a whole new wardrobe...

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Room Tour - Cleo's room!

I thought I'd share Cleo's room with you guys. We live in a rented flat so we can't do too much to the rooms, so we've had to work hard to get our own little feel in the place. There's lots of work in progress here but Cleo has recently really enjoyed playing in here so I thought I'd just go ahead and show!

I haven't done any tidying whatsoever lately because of my lovely flu. Rob's been so grand and keeping on top of everything in the house. But this is her room exactly how I found it when I decided to snap the pictures. I would much rather see rooms true to how they are so there are lots of toys around the place and her books her a jumble because she likes to pull them out at the moment.

This was a beautiful gift from our friend Dawn. It says Cleo Grace, 9th July 2013, 7lbs 7oz 

This is Mousey and her sleeping bag.  Mousey is her favourite thing ever. 

I got these birds in a sale in Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago and never got to hanging them up. I think they look lovely in Cleo's room. 

This clock was a gift from Auntie Heather. We still need to put in photos but it will look adorable once it's done! 

Cleos chest of drawers which double as our changing station.  

The armchair came with the flat in the living room, but it's where I give Cleo her bedtime feed and its perfect as both me and Rob can fit on it to read her bedtime story. There's also her jumperoo which was from her Gran! 

The room isn't massive but it's perfect for Cleo. 

 All of the furniture is mismatch wood but we got this cot in the mothercare sale for £30. Ideally I would like to slowly get all white furniture in here.

Cleo's book shelves and toy box. She loves her Paddington! Another gift from Auntie Heather. 

So that was Cleo's room - I hope you liked it!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Getting outdoors

When you work as crazy hours as I do, it can be easy to want to chill out at home all day on your days off. But that's not fair on Cleo. So Rob and I try to get out a walk of some sort at least once a week with Cleo so she can enjoy the outdoors. The first set of these photos was a walk around Mugdock park. The second was when Rob and Cleo went to Edinburgh (and I was stuck at work...). 

I LOVE this photo. Edinburgh is my favourite city and I think Rob and I miss it every day. To have a picture of Cleo looking at the Crag's makes me so happy.

I love this too - She enjoyed her walk up Carlton hill!